08 May 2013

UNFAO's presence on Twitter - both main and affiliated accounts

Social media has an important role in the day to day activities of many units and teams at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, or "UNFAO" as it is known in social media).

Answering a common question, below is an explanation of FAO's Twitter presence taken from the FAO Web Guide.

FAO’s presence on Twitter

Currently, FAO maintains the following FAO Twitter accounts as primary channels for communicating and engaging with the general public on issues with broad appeal and that span the range of the Organization’s activities:
  • @faonews – FAO’s primary “PR stream” on Twitter (managed by OCP)
  • @faoknowledge - promotion of FAO's knowledge products such as recent publications, presentations, videos, events, etc. (managed by OCP/OEK)
Additional Twitter accounts focused on specific themes, areas of work, or regions are maintained by various programme entities and units, including decentralized offices, a practice that is encouraged by this policy provided the guidelines it contains are adhered to. All FAO-affiliated accounts are listed here.

You will find @e_agriculture on the affiliated accounts list.