13 September 2008

FUNDING for Research on ICT and Society in Asia!

From my colleague Clare comes good news for anyone interested in expanding our knowledge of ICT4D issues in Asia, particularly ICT's impact on society, through rigorous academic research.

IDRC and Singapore's Nanyang Technological University SiRC (Strengthening ICT4D Research Capacity in Asia) have joined together and announced their first call for grant proposals under the new initiative SIRCA. Grants of up to SGD33,000 are available.

For information about SIRCA see www.ntu.edu.sg/sci/sirc/sirca

Clare also says that anyone interested in ICT4D in Asia can contact Clint Rogers at clint.rogers2008@gmail.com as he is trying to get together a group of people interested in submitting a joint proposal for SiRCA.

Thanks to Clare for the information. Funds for ICT4D research! What a great thing! Please let me know if you apply so I can follow your research, learn from it and share with others.

The learning never stops!


Zahara Khan said...

Hi Michael

Thanks for posting this link. I guess it's a bit late now for applying for the research.

I represent a social enterprise working on delivery of quality healthcare & pharmaceutical services in Pakistan through franchised telehealth centers.

We are currently working on a "proof of concept" for our eHealth Referral Network in the peri-urban areas of Pakistan.

Unavailability of research funding locally makes it quite difficult for us to implement such a project on the ground. Would appreciate it if you suggest some more research grants/funds.

Anonymous said...
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Michael said...

Hi. The ISIF grant is another funding source, and is open for appliction now through 31 July 2009. I put the contact information in my newest blog post. Good luck!